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‘A country that rebuilds palaces should also rebuild synagogues’: Behind the efforts to rebuild the Fraenkelufer Synagogue

The Fraenkelufer Synagogue in Kreuzberg is host to a growing community, spanning nationalities and denominations. Of the building itself, however, only part remains, the rest having been destroyed by Nazis during Pogromnacht in 1938 and bombing in the early 1940s. But plans to rebuild it are currently in development.

A Synagogue Renovation in Berlin, and the Palestinian Making It Happen

Palestinian-German politician Raed Saleh is overseeing the transformation of a synagogue destroyed on Kristallnacht into a hub of Jewish life

A Palestinian-born legislator dreams of rebuilding a synagogue in Berlin

Raed Saleh, a Palestinian born in the West Bank, wants to rebuild a synagogue in the German capital. Now the dream of this Berlin politician is a bit closer to reality.

Nazis destroyed this Berlin synagogue. A Muslim politician and a Jewish leader want to rebuild it.

Along a narrow canal in one of Berlin’s largest Turkish and Muslim neighborhoods sits a synagogue’s ghost — the site of a worship hall that was largely destroyed by the Nazis on the November night in 1938 known as Kristallnacht.

Eighty years later, a Palestinian-born German politician and the leader of Berlin’s Jewish community stood together on a recent morning outside the vanished building’s single remaining wing and outlined a plan to give the ghost new life. 

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